Introduction to Erawork
Erawork is a free space Shared Workspace operating platform driven by AI big data technology.
 With the aspects of offline and online, especially,, APP and the official accounts of 
WeChat, clients can not only consume office space globally without deposit, but also enjoy the development pleasure brought by enterprise social network.
 Let’s grow with Erawork, where we redefine the meaning of the office together.

Leading the Sharing Economy

The free work spaces are displayed on the
online platform with the help of Erawork for
global  users. Customers from all over the
world flexibly choose preferable workspace to  settle in.  Sharing economy focuses on the
more effective distribution of social resources
and the creation of more opportunities for
value,which is core value of Erawork indeedly.

Erawork Office Station

Mobile Business Clients

"Erawork for everyone anytime and anywhere"  is an entirely original portrait under the
background of the fragmentation of enterprise
organization and market globalization.
Erawork provides zero-deposit shared office
service in global stations to meet new needs
of office site selection in pursuit of "speed,
convenience, cost-saving, value and safety".

 Typical Erawork Office 

88% of the station hosts who use part of the     workspace and share the remaining.

Erawork is Global

The office stations of Erawork cover all over the world, such as Beijing in China and Toronto
in Canada.

Typical Office Customers

The average age of customersis 32 years old;

the Favorites of Multinational and 

Station Host

Typical Erawork Office Station Host

22% of the total number of station hosts
sharing the whole workspace owing not to
temporarily  using.


61% of the station hosts paying the rental cost of the space owing through operating Erawork station;


In the future, Erawork is expected to cover more than 15000 cities, and 100 countries.


55% of customers have requirement of
working in multiple spots.

25% of customers have temporary remands of workspace for seeking their independent work building.

20% of customers have requirements of
business trip and flexible office.


10% customers have other types of


Enterprises or individuals around the world
publish their free workspace on the online
platform of Erawork on the daily basis. Users
can design the prices of their free workspace
to satisfy their need and preference and use
the service guidance provided by the platform of Erawork to attract customers from all over
the world. The space owners reduce the
property cost and get income by becoming the hostsof the Erawork office station, and obtain
the business transaction opportunity brought
by the customer settlement.

Platform Services
Save heart, money and effort
Publishing space for free: Providing service to share workspace on the platform for free, and guidance to train user to operate and manage their workspace.
Professional asset management:Providing professional asset management services for space station hosts with specific  
requirements to achieve income returns, and increase the yield of free space.
Customers can globally search, select and check in on the platform of Erawork.

sharing operations

Publishing space and

Office space search

and settlement

Global Office
Erawork ChenShi station  
Erawork No.1
Beijing, China 
Toronto, Canada  
Beijing, China 
Toronto, Canada  
Toronto, Canada  
Toronto, Canada  
Erawork Uforse station  
Erawork Opay station  
Erawork Infiniti station  
Erawork Xinflix station  

Enterprise Networking

Erawork is committed to promoting the social trust between hosts and customers, linking the cooperation resources generated   by the operation of the global office station, and using the artificial intelligence and big data technology to realize the accurate   matching of cooperation resources among the platform users.
With the helpful service of Erawork, settled customers choose to settle in the workspace stations which is beneficial to the  
     growing of their business, moreover, the station hosts connect friendly and potentially business cooperation.

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